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Budgetary Accountability and Responsibility

  • Fully fund education without compromising the fiscal support to other resources which Oklahomans value most.
  • Restore funding to core public services.
  • Increase wages to account for COLA and inflation and commensurate with position, qualification, experience and regional averages.
  • Increase teacher and support staff pay to regional averages through sustainable revenue streams.
  • Fund health systems for all citizens of the state equitably and with sustainable revenue streams.
  • Equitable tax burden for business.


  • Explore new technologies to increase the longevity of Oklahoma roads and bridges.
  • Improving infrastructure will promote bringing business back to Oklahoma.
  • Review budgets and sources of income to support maintenance of our roads and bridges.


Criminal Justice Reform

  • Prevention through education.  "It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken one."
  • Recognize addiction as a medical issue and not a criminal issue.
  • Rehabilitation for non-violent offenders.
  • Provide work programs for newly released individuals to gain experience and build their post-incarceration references.
  • Stop debtor's sentencing and remove ourselves from the "for profit" prison system.



Janice Graham State Rep D80 2018

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